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More for your clients, more for you.

As a broker you have certainly heard of algo trading. You may have even considered purchasing an OMS to enable your clients to trade via their algos. Problem is, what’s next? What strategies will they trade? Which software will they use? How will they send orders to you? For all of your questions and more, we have this to say. Relax. We’ve got you covered.

White Labeling

The White-labeling solution allows brokers to create a product as powerful as Tradetron with their own branding, own pricing, own set of users, own static, and home page without any mention of Tradetron. What has taken us years and multiple thousand dollars to build is now available instantly and at a throwaway price. No headache in managing the system. Just focus on marketing and providing fantastic strategies to your users and it's the perfect case study for a win-win-win situation.

Zero charges for your clients?

Your clients will not be charged a thing because they will all come under your umbrella.

Full control over your client base

You can decide what your clients will see in the marketplace, how many strategies they can build and which exchanges they can connect to. The best part? You never have to share your client’s contact details with us.

Increase customer loyalty

Algo trading will help you stand out from the competition by giving your clients something few others will have to offer.

Same clients, more revenue

New technology is a great talking point to reach out to existing customers.It’s even better to reactivate dormant client accounts by tempting them back with something new. Tradetron can be that new technology.

Easy pricing

We have flexible pricing models with a modular upfront cost and recurring fee. Where you can choose to show the features you want and hide the rest. Do get in touch with us and we will work out a customized deal for you.

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