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Follow the smart money.

As a Strategy Subscriber you have the opportunity to search our strategy market to see exactly how high-performing strategies have worked for other brokers, traders, and investors. And then subscribe to the same strategies to use on Tradetron. Your only focus then will be to find the best strategies and allocate capital based on your risk tolerance levels. Simply put, until you figure out a way to do it yourself, follow someone who does.

Your broker is not algo enabled. Now what?

We will help you receive all trades via email, SMS, whatsapp and phone notifications to carry on taking trades in the manner you are accustomed to. But if you really want to fast track things, then shift to a broker who has an algo-enabled system (Here are a few). Alternatively get your broker to write to us and we can guide them.

So what will all of this cost you?

Our fees are fairly straight forward and depend entirely on how you plan to use Tradetron.

  • A monthly fee to become a Tradetron subscriber

  • A monthly fee to subscribe to the strategies you like (though many strategies are completely free)

  • A percentage of profits as fixed by the strategy creator (though many creators ask for a percentage only if their strategy has made money for you)

Needless to mention, if you have your own strategies, you don’t have to bother about fee 2 and 3. In fact, your top performing strategies can actually be listed on the marketplace and earn you money.