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Trading Engine

You set the conditions in your strategy and leave the rest to us. We will check them constantly (as soon as a new price tick arrives for any instrument in your strategy) and once any conditions (Entry / Repair / Exit) are satisfied, the trades are taken. Thanks to our trading engine, all of this can be handled with ease and you will never again worry about missing an opportunity. A state of the art distributed architecture which can span multiple servers all hosted on the cloud is at work to see that your strategy is given all the attention it deserves. Every strategy has a dedicated bot working on it so even if the system has 1 strategy to take care or 1 million, the architecture which automatically scales the servers based on the load at hand, takes care that there is no latency issue your strategy faces.

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Here’s how we do it.
With a little help from 3 bots and a message broker.


Independent parts, working across servers and hosted on the cloud (Digital Ocean) to reduce the chances of a bottleneck caused due to an unforeseen situation in any one area of operation. Tick by tick data is streamed and stored in InfluxData, a super reliable and scalable database app built keeping in mind streaming data and ability to handle thousands of records in a second. All this, so you can perform strategy management in an efficient, foolproof, fail proof manner.

Strategy Building Wizard

What if we told you that you could build a wide gamut of strategies and algorithms without ever having to write any code? What if you could sell what you build to other brokers, traders and investors? With Tradetron, trading will be better and faster - better executions, faster real-time trading strategies. And did we mention that we are 100% cloud-based? No downloads. No data stream. Just simple cutting-edge accessibility to follow your portfolio from anywhere in the world.


The features at your disposal

A range of order types. Market price, stop price, target price each with their own trigger price. You have the option to:

  • Submit all positions at one go or enter most illiquid position first or in order of list of positions
  • Reverse entered positions if some balance positions unfilled

Built-in price execution algorithms allow you to get better execution prices. You have an option to choose:

  • Avg of Bid/Ask
  • One Tick above top price which you can update as per the time you set
  • Market Price

When strategies have multiple positions of large quantities executing one after another will leave you unhedged for a bit. To prevent this, it’s best to execute all positions in smaller tranches. By doing this the smaller quantity of all positions will be completed before moving on to the next tranche. This is possible in 2 ways:

  • As a Percentage or total size
  • Max Lots per execution

Quantities that don’t round off to a lot size can be evened out using 2 options:

  • To the higher lot qty or lower lot qty

This is specifically for when you are using a market making strategy where you are buying and selling the same instrument at a different price. Inventory Page 4! of !27 risk occurs when only one position fills and not the other. To handle this you have these options:

  • To update unfilled positions price as per your specified time
  • To update new prices if underlying IV or spot price changes
  • To cancel unfilled positions
  • To wait for unfilled positions to get filled before increasing book size
  • To exit unfilled positions at market price after a specified time

A trailing stop is a stop order that can be set to increase in tandem with your profit. You have the following options:

  • To move the trailing stop to cost at a specified profit level and then
  • To move the trailing stop by a certain amount with every increase in profit

There is a choice to reactivate a strategy, manually or automatically, once it has entered and exited. Your options are:

  • Automatically every hour / day / week / month / quarter / 6 months / year
  • Manually

The positions entered in this block are automatically taken at the end of every day and reversed automatically at the beginning of the next day. This feature could be used to protect your short option positions from any possible black swan events.

If your strategy requires you to not trade in (for instance) the first fifteen or the last fifteen minutes of the exchange opening, that can be set here.

For futures and options strategies if you need to close out open positions in contracts that are about to expire in favour of contracts that are expiring later, you can do it automatically here.

The power of multiple sets
per strategy

Imagine an algo strategy with multiple smaller strategies within it. Each set has its own entry/repair/overnight protection and exit conditions along with a universal repair and universal exit for the whole strategy which supersedes the individual set conditions.

So instead of having 5 different strategies, you can now have 5 sets all within the same strategy. Here’s how it helps. You can now club your returns, combine different strategy basket types for portfolio diversification. All while marketing one single strategy to your subscribers. Simple yet incredibly powerful.

The power of underlying list

Per set, you can either choose a single underlying or a list of underlyings on which you can run your conditions. Never before have you seen the power of creating a complex multi position strategy on a list of underlyings. Now you can apply technical indicator or any other criterion (IV, 52 week high, etc) on a list of underlyings and then take any number of positions for the ones which satisfy the condition.

Hedge Fund on a platter

Here are some of the features that will be available to your strategy. Or as you might like to call it, your mini hedge fund.

Minimum Multiple for subscriber

Your subscriber has full control in deciding position sizing using the minimum multiple feature.


These can be calculated in a number of ways:
  • - Free for a certain number of days
In paid mode:
  • - A fixed amount per month
  • - A percentage on profits (settled as per your time period with a specified hurdle rate on a high watermark basis)

Display Positions to Non Subscribers

After a specified buffer period you have the option to display your historical trades publicly. This can offer non-subscribers valuable insight as to your trading style.

Recreate old positions for new subscriber

Imagine a subscriber is joining you midway. You can get him up to speed by recreating old positions of your strategy in his portfolio.

Allow others to duplicate your strategy

You also have the option to employ an open-source approach by keeping strategy rules that have worked for you open to others and increase your fan following.

Subscription with a private link only

You have the choice to make a strategy public but not have it listed on the marketplace. With this option only subscribers who have access to a private link will be able to view it.

Confirm each subscriber manually

You can decide who you want to confirm as a subscriber and who can view the strategies you have on display.

Hide Subscribers from others

If you want to keep your subscriber list private, that option is available to you.

Social Trading

If you’re new to the market, social trading is what you need. At its simplest it allows you to sift through hundreds of strategies, see key statistics and choose the ones you want to add to your portfolio. Since all the data is transparently available you can take into consideration additional factors, such as trading strategy past performance, backtesting results and asset-types.

  • By enabling users to copy one another, Tradetron makes it easy for those who lack time or even the know-how to trade online. Simply follow another traders strategy, anything they do is automatically replicated in real-time in your portfolio.

  • As an investor instantly gain access to multiple strategy providers and execute your strategies directly through your own brokers account.

  • Search for a strategy using the powerful filtering tools, subscribe to a strategy which suits your trading style and you are all set!


Recommended Strategy Development Stages


Backtesting Engine

Lack of past data on which your conditions are built is usually the biggest hurdle of any backtest. Reason why we have a large amount of historical data at your disposal. From IV, HV, corporate events, price data of all Futures and Options instruments and more. Essentially everything you need to test your strategy with past data and tweak it till it’s good to go into forward testing. A simple, yet powerful safeguard. Backtesting and live trading produce diverse results. One of the main reasons for this is slippage. How this works is when you actually take the trades in the live market, you don’t get the rates your backtesting predicted. The way around this is simple - we give you three options to do your backtesting - assuming you got the best price, the worst price or the average of the bid and ask on that day. If your strategy shows good results even with the worst price execution, you can enter live trades with greater confidence.

Backtesting reporting module

When you do backtesting for a single instrument or position, it’s easy to judge how the results look. Do the same on a multitude of positions in a strategy and you will need deeper reports which give you a clear insight as to what the strategy was doing on each day of the backtesting period. Our backtesting reporting module does just that by giving you a detailed position analysis at the end of each day in the backtesting period, the trades it took, the condition which got satisfied so that you can tweak them until you get it right. These backtesting results can then be made available on your strategy profile page.

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Keywords are the building blocks of algo trading. With them you can make conditions that vary from simple (a=1 and b=2) to multi layered ones (a=1 and (b=2 or b=3)). Now instead of going through the cumbersome process of coding keywords yourself, we offer you a wide gamut of ready made keywords. Convenient and incredibly quick. Use a powerful web based drag and drop interface to build complex conditions in a jiffy .. without writing a single line of code.

Position Builder

So most readymade algos which allow you to trade options give
you the facility to select the strike, expiry and quantity which is fixed. We go beyond that..
way beyond -we allow you to add a custom formula which you can build using our powerful keywords and it will eventually translate into whats required by you at runtime.


Imagine a scenario where you want to make an algo where you short the current weeks straddle and buy the next week straddle. With our Position Builder it’s very simple.

  • Don’t choose a fixed expiry which you will need to keep updating every week. Simply select it as a formula it in the expiry drop down.

  • For Strike select a 0.20 delta strike for both calls and puts to make a strangle.

  • If you want to have the strikes 1 SD away from a spot based on the current volatility or you want to have a 5% buffer from the current spot price simply key in the formula: Spot - 5% for Puts and Spot + 5% for calls.

  • Your strangle strategy is ready and good to go.

  • For quantity, select the actual quantity or the lots or then a formula to make the strategy deltaneutral.

Use a fixed strike or a formula for defining Strike using the following keywords

  • CurrWeek

  • CurrMonth

  • NextWeek + 2

  • NextMonth

User a fixed quantity or a formula for defining quantity using the following keywords

  • DeltaNeutral

  • GammaNeutral

  • VegaNeutral

  • ThetaNeutra

User a fixed expiry or a formula for defining expiry using the following keywords

  • ATM + / - x no of strikes

  • Spot + / - x %

  • Delta x number

Algo Strategies for every kind of investor or trader

I’m getting started

  • Directional Strategies using fundamental or technical data.

  • Wealth building strategies - Buy and Hold. Portfolio building based on fundamental factors.

  • Options or Futures strategies using Technical analysis based conditions

I know what I’m doing

  • Quant model strategies: using any statistical / mathematical logic you can think of can be used to develop the conditions for Entry / Repair or Exiting. Could be trend following or mean reverting; intraday or positional.

  • Pair trading strategies using any correlation / co-integration model you might already have. When the correlation between two securities demonstrate a temporary weakness, a pairs trade is opened by shorting the outperforming stock and going long on the underperforming stock.

  • Volatility based strategies like Skew scalping, Reverse Gamma scalping strategies to scalp theta during a low vol environment or Gamma scalping in a high vol environment by paying daily theta using multiple option instruments of one or multiple underlings. The building blocks of the strategy are combinations of instruments, such as strangles, butterflies or any other complex set you can imagine.

  • Event based strategies taking into account factors like Corporate results, Central Bank policy events, Political uncertainty.

  • Income focused strategies such as Expiry trading, theta scalping

  • Arbitrage strategies across exchanges. If you have an account with 2 different commodity exchanges, you can buy the same commodity in one and sell in the other when a certain price difference condition is satisfied. With live FX rates to calculate the price difference.

  • Greeks management on all live strategies by making them delta neutral, gamma neutral, theta neutral amongst other adjustments.

  • Market making strategies by submitting a bid and ask price for the same instrument based on prevalent spreads.

Many of the templates for the strategies listed above are provided by Tradetron for free for you to duplicate and make changes as per your logic. Search the marketplace and start your no risk paper trading. Have something unique which cant be implemented using the wizard or then if you wish to outsource this job to us, simply write to us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for it.

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Multiple Execution Types

Whatever your strategy, there are only four ways to execute it. All of which are at your disposal on Tradetron.

Paper Trading

A paper trade is simulated trading which allows investors to buy and sell securities without risking real money. We offer you just that with Tradetron.

Live – Offline execution

Assume your broker is not algo enabled. No worries. Once the strategy is ready to take a trade we will reach out to you or your broker using a wide gamut of communication methods (whatsapp, email, SMS, voice call). And then leave the rest to you and broker to take forward in whatever manner you are comfortable with.

Live – Auto execution with one click

If you do have a broker who is algo enabled, strategy execution is fairly simple. Assuming your broker uses a Tradetron compatible order management algo software, just link your account with to execute the trades in your strategies automatically. Of course, you are in control every step of the way and can choose to execute these trades only after you give a one-click confirmation. As per your communication preference, you will be notified.

Live – Fully Auto

Pretty much the same as a one-click confirmation. With one major exception. Your strategy will be executed automatically without seeking any confirmation from you.



In the world of algo trading, reports are like a torch in a dark room. Their data sheds light on where you made money, where you lost money, what you’re getting right and what needs to be fixed. With Tradetron you get a single interface, with unlimited easy-to-understand reports. Simply save them in a PDF/Excel to refer to in your own time.

Filter reports based on Broker / Underlying / Strategy/ Creator / ExecutionType / Strategy Type

Group reports based on Broker / Strategy / Creator/ Underlying / Profitable/ StrategyType / ExecutionType

Sum / Avg / Count of all numerical fields

More of everything

From multiple asset classes to multiple exchanges. And everything in between. We have it all. Ready to use as per your convenience.