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TT Quant Consultation

Opt for a TT Quant consultation and simplify your Algo Trading journey

As an investor, you have a limited number of hours in the day. In turn, you may find yourself short on time when it comes to learning how to create your own strategies or knowing if your strategy is possible to be developed in Tradetron. Opt for a consultation to discuss your ideas and validate them.

Expedite idea generation process

By partnering with a TT Quant, you can discuss your ideas and find out any logical issues in them and rectify them. Understand what all is possible on Tradetron. TT Quant will provide you with the right resources to get you started quickly. They will provide you with a personal touch that will set you on a fast track to mastering and understanding Tradetron.

Getting Started

TT Quant consultation is available at just Rs. 2000 per hour. Feel free to clarify your doubts and ideas.

Note: This is a consultation service. If you need to get your strategies built or rectified by Tradetron team, Kindly opt for strategy creation service by filling the form - Fill form

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2000 per hour