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Why White-Label?

why whitelabel

The White-labeling solution allows you to create a product as powerful as Tradetron with their own branding, own pricing, own set of users, own static, and home page without any mention of Tradetron.

You can decide what your clients will see in the marketplace, how many strategies they can build and which exchanges they can connect to. The best part? You never have to share your client’s contact details with us.

Algo trading will help you stand out from the competition by giving your clients something few others will have to offer.

Your clients will not be charged a thing because they will all come under your umbrella.

We have flexible pricing models with a modular upfront cost and recurring fee. Where you can choose to show the features you want and hide the rest. Do get in touch with us and we will work out a customized deal for you.

Power Packed Features

Modular pay per use pricing
Built in integration with Razorpay
Centralized admin controls for you and your team
Offer direct integration with 100+ brokers

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